Learning to Blog

Welcome to my humble abode in the blogosphere! I’m so looking forward to using this space to house ideas and experiences in my own attempts to figure out how to lead well. Maybe I’m so inclined to write after a hiatus from years of documenting my teen life in diaries that I hid under my mattress (don’t worry, here I’ll spare you those boring details). Or maybe it’s the English teacher in me who still loves the art of the writing process and the growth it provokes. Either way, my purpose is two-fold.

First, I’m discovering that leadership is more of a journey than a destination, and writing about a journey not only brings clarity of thought and a better focus, but it also eventually provides a means of healthy reflection on the growth that has taken place and the moments that have shaped who you have become. For me, writing then provides a duel-purpose, almost paradoxical, forum – one of dreaming and one of staying rooted.

Secondly, I think the best learning takes place when we build on the ideas and experiences of one another. You’ll think of things I’ve missed, have a fresh perspective, or disagree completely, and your sharing can spark interesting conversations and growth for everyone.

So consider this an open invitation, and let’s roll.



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