Leading Ladies


Dear Mom,

I write this letter to you with my feet propped up near a large pile of strewn clothing, the aftermath of this morning’s wardrobe crisis. I’m tired and I’m hoping the kids will sleep in tomorrow. It’s late, but there are a few thoughts I wanted to share with you that I figured might best be expressed in a personal note, mom to mom, leader to leader, so here goes…

Young mom, I know that sometimes you think you aren’t doing enough. Your lunches aren’t always fresh and organic, the beds sometimes don’t get made until you’re about to tuck in the little ones again at night, and sometimes, despite what your friends say about cherishing the time because they’re only little once, you’d just like bedtime to come early this evening. I get it. But the way you fill your home with love and laughter in your own unique ways are the reasons your family loves you just the way you are. You’re the only one who can love your kids the way you do. Sometimes you wonder if you have what it takes. You wonder if you have the patience, the character, the time, the resource, the know-how, the intuition, the bravery, to juggle everything at once. But you are enough.

Grandmothers, thanks for being natural allies with your grandchildren. You have a very special role as a support system as you continue the foundation you started many years ago. It will later be ready for the beautiful legacy of love and values you will leave behind. Your children aren’t doing everything the way you would have when you were raising them, but you are proud of them nonetheless. You are enough.

Dear Mom who has grieved the loss of a child. Even death cannot swallow up motherhood. It becomes who you are and grows with you for the rest of time. The people you love today and tomorrow are forever shaped by the person you are and the gift you give them in yourself. You are enough.

To you, caregiver, you tirelessly pour into the lives of children all around you as you teach, nurture, care for, counsel, and befriend. You are an immeasurable gift to the broken, the motherless, the neighbour, the community. The children, the teens, you care for so deeply don’t call you “mom,” but you mother them as if they were your own. You are enough.

To all of you leading ladies, may God guide your every step. May He give you the wisdom you need for each situation, the ability to surrender worry to Him, the perseverance to help build character in the young or grown children you influence. May you have the humility to say I’m sorry, the confidence to set goals and passionately operate in your strengths, so that you can be the best example to those who need you to be you. I want you to know that YOU are the best gift you can give to those you lead. The combination of your hard work, your excellence and your flaws, your confidence and humility, make you exquisite. And you are enough.

Happy Mother’s Day


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