Leadership Growth Plan: 3 x 3


We’ve all heard references to “born leaders,” usually in terms of someone who appears to  naturally exercise their leadership capacity without a great deal of effort. Honestly? I think the concept is largely spurious. No doubt some people are gifted with abilities that lend themselves to leadership, and when harnessed well and combined with hard work and strategic investment into personal and professional growth, can help produce effective leadership. Maintaining that a leader is simply “born” however, negates the highest priority a leader can make – to become a lifelong learner.

Growth rarely happens without intention, making this one question essential: “How am I growing my leadership right now?” In an effort to set goals and measure progress, I’m putting some work into a 3 x 3 Personal Leadership Growth Plan – a focus on 3 leadership practices for 3 months. It’s not meant to be complicated or deeply profound, just a simple method I’m using to narrow in on nurturing some good habits over the summer. If you’d like to join me, here’s how:

  1. Identify 3 leadership skills or practices that you should sharpen.
  2. Post them in your office or in another visible space as a daily reminder.
  3. Commit to practicing them with intention for 3 months to better develop them and form them into good leadership habits.
  4. Consider updating a weekly log on how you have been practicing these skills so that at the end of your three months, you’ll be able to reflect on the hard work, progress, and see the new habits in place.

Here are mine for June, July and August: 

Listen & Observe More Exercise Vulnerability Spotlight Other Leaders

In the coming days I’ll unpack the three with you and tell why I’m leaning into these areas in particular.

Interested in joining me in a summer growth strategy? Use this 3 x 3 or a strategy of your own and let me know what areas of leadership you’re sharpening!


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